E.A.G is a small company dedicated to the supply of hardwoods and the preparation of parts intended primarily for the construction of musical instruments. With personal experience in the sector of more than 25 years and extensive training in the search and selection of precious woods, EAG aims to offer the best service to crafts, at reasonable prices. Always with the greatest respect for the increasingly scarce natural resources and the fate that these privileged woods will have once they are converted into musical instruments or art objects.



From our sawmill and warehouse in Albal (Valencia) these woods are cut, selected, prepared and sent to all the countries of the world, and it is a source of pride and constant motivation for us to be able to offer them to those who, masters of their trade, will know how to give them the best of uses. If you still do not know us, we invite you to visit us or try our service. You can personally choose the woods that most interest or suit you. And if you decide to entrust that to us, rest assured that we will do everything possible to satisfy your demand. It is our daily challenge and the way we have to return part of what we have received.





You put your hands and your art. We put the wood. We are open from 9 to 14 every day from Monday to Friday.

The highest quality materials to achieve the best musical instruments.

We seek excellence in each and every one of our products to offer our customers the highest quality.

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